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Why Tiktok was the most popular Social Media app in 2021...

With over 656 million downloads last year Tiktok is the #1 platform for marketing to young people BUT that's not its only benefit.

Launching in 2016, the app was originally focused on Dancing and Lip Syncing videos and it started to become popular when it acquired a rival app called musically.

Owned by Chinese startup ByteDance, the company in mid-2020 was said to be worth 140 billion, the platform Tiktok counting for 50 billion of that.

The platform has developed and evolved over recent years, accelerated by COVID-19 and our sudden ability to spend a lot of time at home.

The 3 minutes and under video content now offers diverse content for all types of viewers and interests. It has become a community of influencers, small businesses owners and anyone else wanting to share a story or product and build a community.

TikTok's algorithm allows users to have a completely custom feed of videos also known as the For You Page or the FYP. The algorithm creates an endless feed of videos that are based on the content you've reacted to in the past, who you follow, your location and a bunch of other stuff.

So the real aim as a creator is to get on the FYP of the people that are going to interact with and buy from your Small Business.

Tiktok has a few different features which you can leverage to get different results.

Tiktok Lives

Relatable content does best on this platform and what's better than the true you LIVE and in the moment. People go live to do anything from Sleeping or packing orders for their business.

To go LIVE you need to be over 16 years old and have over 1000 followers


The main use of the platform is to create 3 minutes and under videos. This is the best way to build an audience and following before you can go live. There are a couple of key things to remember when creating Tiktoks

  • Have good natural lighting

  • Using trending music

  • Include a transition (at least 2 different pictures or video clips)

  • Use a hook ( A question or statement that keeps people watching and grabs their attention)

  • Provided value to your audience (Teach them something and choose a niche)

Traffic conversion

All though you can not directly sell on Tiktok like you can on Facebook and Instagram, they have a really simple method for traffic conversion which means that viewers do convert into Instagram/Youtube followers.

It doesn't take much to prove this as some videos go viral overnight and businesses can gain thousands of new Instagram followers and customers.

To find the accounts other social accounts there is just 1 simple button in their profile that has an Instagram icon.

Conversion is really important for you as a business owner as it makes the time you put into the content and app worthwhile in your business. BUT remember it won't always happen overnight it is about consistency and personality as a brand.

Is 2022 going to be the year you hop on Tiktok and create?

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