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Facebook Terms Glossary

For Beginners and Business Owners.

Technology can be like speaking a whole different language. So we want to help you become fluent in tech talk. This resource will help you understand the terms used on Facebook so you can easily reference them when needed.

Admin - Someone who has access to all the settings and features of your business page.

Account settings - Where you can access information about your page and edit it, this could be billing, name and security.

Algorithm - The algorithm is the coding and numbers behind Facebook (and all Social Media Platforms) that dictates the order in which people see posts organically. Essentially its some computer magic that can either help you or hurt you when you post. Knowing the algorithm and the techniques it uses to boost posts is a great way to get more reach on your posts.

Boost Post - Boosting is a way to pay to reach more people. Thats how Facebook makes money.

Caption - A caption is a brief description or story underneath the photo or photos you post. It can include a quote, call to action, story and hashtags.

Cover Photo - A photo, photos or a video at the top of your business or personal profile.

Content - Content is any piece of information on your page that is considered important. It might be a blog post or event description, photo or video. When it comes to Social Media it is anything your post.

Event - A way to advertise a public or private event, host it online or in person and sell free or paid tickets all in one place and is shareable via Facebook easily.

Engagement - Engagements are interactions between users on any Social media platform. Typically people measure engagements on the number of people that engage with them or their posts and profile but engagement is also about you as a user engaging with your audience.

External Link - Posting a Hyperlink that leads somewhere other than Facebook. Facebook doesn't like this because they want you to stay on the app.

Follower - Someone who watches your content on your page but doesn't have to be friends with your personal page.

Facebook Groups - A way to create different communities of people based on a topic or something in common. This is the best way to communicate with you audience regularly and get engagement back.

Group Member - Someone who has opted in to a community your offering.

Hashtags - Hashtags are a word or phrase with a # in front of it. They are considered to be searchable tags and ways for the Facebook Algorithm to categorize your content and who sees it.

Internal Link - Posting a link that leads somewhere in Facebook, could be to a page, group or post.

Like - Giving a like to a page means you will see the content on your news feed. This also means it will appear in your about section on your personal page. That is the only difference between follow and like on a page.

Messages or Messenger - A way to send messages informally. Like emails but quicker, easier and less formal. Can be as you business or your personal page.

News feed - This is where you can find content from pages you like and follow and also updates from friends. You can also find Facebook stories at the top of the news feed.

Notifications - An update about something happening on your page.

Offer - Business pages can create offers to services and products on their page as a form of promotion.

Organic Reach - People reached naturally through the Facebook Algorithm without paying money.

Page roles - Assigning different positions and roles to people that want to help with your business page on Facebook.

Pin to Top - On Business pages on Desktop you can pin the most important post to the top of your page timeline so people see it first.

Profile - A profile is for a person and has information about them, photos, videos and posts from them. You can also see who there friends with depending on there security settings.

Stories - Stories on Facebook have prime real estate and are found at the top of the user's newsfeed. They are posts that last 24 hours and can be graphics, pictures or video. They also have a range of elements you can include in your story that is interactive for your followers.

Scheduling - Organising content for posting so that it automatically posts onto Facebook at a certain time and date.

Search - A way to search Facebook for Places, people and businesses plus so much more.

Tabs - The different pages that are available on your Facebook Business pages. About, Services, events etc. Similar to having tabs on Chrome.

Tag - When someone puts your name on a photo or post so people can link through to your page.

Timeline - The posts you have posted in order of when you posted them. This is found on your profile.

Username - A name or handle someone uses to identify their profile.

Verified Page - For celebrities or high profile people pages can be verified to confirm it is them and it helps them stop other who create fake accounts.

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