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31 Lead Magnets for your Small Business

Trying to connect with an online audience as a small business is not as simple and just posting whenever you feel like it. To make sales and create an engaged community you need to provide value to your audience. What is in it for them? Why should they follow you? What result are you going to get them?

Converting your audience to someone that knows, likes and trusts you means they are more likely to buy. This is called traffic conversion. Taking your audience through a journey from finding you and knowing nothing about you to being a loyal customer.

When it comes to social media there are 3 different stages of conversion

  1. Awareness

  2. Consideration

  3. Conversion

The best way to convert your followers from 1 to 2 is by giving them something they will value and something that will give them a positive memory of your service and brand. People tend to remember things better if they are associated with an emotion.

So here are 31 different ideas you could use to divert your cold traffic into warm leads.

  1. eBook

  2. Mini-course

  3. 7-day Challenge

  4. Sample chapter

  5. 5-page eguide

  6. Business Printable

  7. Editable Template

  8. Planner Printout

  9. Video Tutorial

  10. Online Training

  11. Free strategy session

  12. Community Workshop

  13. Free Webinar

  14. Webinar recording

  15. Blog Post

  16. Lesson Workbook

  17. Branded Worksheet

  18. Weekly Checklist

  19. Monthly Calendar

  20. 1 year Road map template

  21. Current Case Study

  22. A Script

  23. Behind the scenes tips

  24. Weekly Sneak peek

  25. Webinar or Meeting Overview

  26. Slides from your presentation

  27. Outline of next steps

  28. Monthly Newsletter

  29. Content Template

  30. Quiz or assessment

  31. Access to a resource library


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