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3 Ways to get more Instagram Followers in 2021 - Part 2

Instagram is a competitive place. Thousands of accounts are aiming to reach the same Target audiences you. It's not easy to grow a following online, but it's about having the right understanding of the app and putting a lot of hard work in. Here are three ways you can reach your ideal audience and get more Instagram followers.

1. Be inclusive

With Instagram being one of the biggest Social Media Platforms in the world, there are no questions that its viewers and users are very diverse. Their age, interests, ethnicity, abilities are all factors in how they will interact with the app and other users content. If you aim to be as inclusive as possible your more likely to reach a larger and wider audience.

3 ways you can make your Instagram more inclusive is:

  1. Adding Subtitles to your videos. Did you know that 85% of Instagram content is watched without sound? Instagram even has got automatic captions in 16 different languages for IGTV.

  2. Partner with a range of creators. The more diverse the better

  3. Humanise your brand and make people aware of where you stand on big issues happening in the world right now. Your followers will become more loyal to you if your values align with theirs.

2. Optimize your profile

Making yourself searchable on Instagram is important. When people search for your sector who comes up? Is it you? How do people find you and your services?

Use your Keywords as a part of your name. All you need to do is go to your profile. Click Edit Profile and put a couple of keyword of your sector in the name section.

For example, when people are searching for a business coach they are going to search business coach because they don't know who specifically they are looking for. So if you are a business coach you should include those keywords in your name section so you will come up in the search results for the more general searches.

If you are interested in more hacks on how to optimise your Instagram Profile check out our online course here

3. Promote Instagram content on other social media platforms or on your website.

Cross-promotion is one of the best ways to divert traffic to the places you want them to be. Being in the places where people are is the best way to cross-promote.

Tiktok is a huge app with its number of users competing with Instagram and Facebook even though it is a fairly young app. Having your Instagram linked to your Tiktok Bio is one of the best ways to grow your Instagram as on Tiktok anyone can go viral overnight with any content.

The algorithm is simple. You post a video, people watch and engage, TikTok pushes it to more people. No hidden agenda or paying to boost content. You have the ability to grow with some effort, understanding and luck.

3 other ways to cross-promote are:

  1. Having your Instagram attached to your Facebook Group or Business Page

  2. Attaching it to your website

  3. Putting your username on your business cards or other advertising.


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