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3 Ways to get more Instagram followers in 2021- Part 1

Instagram is a competitive place. Thousands of accounts are aiming to reach the same Target audiences you. It's not easy to grow a following online, but it's about having the right understanding of the app and putting a lot of hard work into it. Here are three ways you can reach your ideal audience and get more Instagram followers.

Instagram Lives

Video is the best way to gain engagement currently on Instagram. Whether it's Lives, Reels, Stories or IGTV videos you are highly likely to reach new potential followers organically by posting these types of content regularly.

Instagram Lives are videos taken completely uncut live-streamed at the moment of action. The viewers can ask questions and you can answer in real-time. Instagram has seen a particular shift in live use since covid 19 as we transition to a more remote method of working.

Lives can be about anything. They can be educational, casual or active. You could be out for a run, in the office packing orders and some people even go live sleeping and it gets huge views. Crazy right!

Longer Captions

The times have changed. Instagram is no longer about cute photography and sharing it with your friends, It's about the content and value you give your audience. The days where you put a picture of yourself with friends captioned with song lyrics. Instagrams Algorithm is not going to push you to new followers. Your content will not even last 48 hours on the newsfeed because you are competing against content that is created to please the algorithm.

Using longer captions is a way to add value and strength to your posts. With Instagrams new keyword search captions that are well researched and structured are guaranteed to improve your successes.

The average caption length has doubled since 2016, with the 2020 projected character average being 405 which is around 65 to 70 words.


Collaboration is one of the strongest ways to tap into your target audience with an already existing brand or Instagram account.

Working with a person or group of people that have a strong following when you are starting out is a great way to gain a small following. Collaborate on content and co-create a marketing strategy to combine your community with there's. Don't forget to make sure it aligns with your brand and your values.

A partnership with another brand also means that people will trust you faster judging purely on if they trust the brand you collaborate with.

One of the simplest examples I can think of is 2 big brands collaborating on a product together. Lego and Minecraft. Lego is one of the biggest toy brands of all time creating anything out of plastic blocks. Minecraft the biggest video game of all time creating anything out of blocks virtually. Makes complete sense because you can assume that people that like it online will like it offline. Huge trust with both brands and great audience growth potential as well.

You can collaborate with brands locally, nationally or internationally, being online has so much potential.


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