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22 different calls to action to use in your Email Marketing

Did you know that 95 Million Photos and Videos are shared each day on Instagram? Did you know that 269 billion emails were sent and received each day in 2017?

Creating original and creative content that is going to stand out from the crowd is hard. Converting the traffic that sees your content is a whole different story.

When creating direct email marketing you are competing with big brands with big budgets and marketing teams. You need a point of difference and you don't need to spam your audience with emails saying 'buy from me' to get some success.

Call to actions are an important part of Marketing. It's taking the audience on a journey from negative emotions they may have to a place of happiness and action.

Here are 22 different calls to action to use in your Email Marketing campaigns and on Social Media.

  • Subscribe

  • Share

  • Sign Up

  • Contact

  • Ask a Question

  • Take Action

  • Buy Now

  • Explore

  • Read Post

  • Listen

  • Learn More

  • Donate

  • Watch Now

  • Comment

  • Discover

  • Take a poll

  • Take a survey

  • Like

  • Register

  • Answer a question

  • Download

  • Save

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