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 The Ask Academy 

 Serve & Sell with Socials 







Are you ready to build an engaged and profitable online community with Facebook and Instagram?

❓Are you overwhelmed by all the information about Facebook and Instagram out there? Do you just need a clear place to start?

❓Feel like nothing is changing, like you aren't making any sales even with all the hard work you are putting in?

❓ Feeling stupid cause you don't understand how Facebook and Instagram work, how to create captions and how to come up with ideas for things to post about?

❓ Struggling to keep moving forward, prioritize creating content and share your perspective with confidence?


 'A transformative experience'

"The Ask Alice Academy is a testament to Alice's expertise in action.

Her group sessions are tailored to accelerate knowledge across the tech and social media spheres, making the learning experience enjoyable and engaging. Alice's bubbly and friendly personality brings a sense of fun to the learning process, and her hard work ensures that each session is worth its weight in gold. Alice, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for the transformative experience I had with Ask Alice Academy."

Zena, Artist

It's made just for you!

This course is for you if...

You're a female small business owner who wants to have consistent online sales and enquiries but don't feel like you have the knowledge, system or confidence to make it happen.

After completing The Ask Academy..

You will feel assured in yourself, your skills PLUS how to use them to build an engaged and profitable online community for your business.

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 What's included? 

 Module One: Strategize 

 Module Two: Create 

Building a strategy to achieve your goals.

In this module we will cover why being strategic with your marketing is important, brand identify, connecting with your audience, managing expectations PLUS how to use and set up Facebook and Instagram for your business, the right way!

How to create posts that grab attention.

In this module we will cover how to generate ideas for posts that serve and sell, create a content calendar that moves you from sporadic to consistent, write captions that convert, design graphics and film reels to energize your community.

 Module Three: Engage 

 Module Four: Measure 

Tools to help you succeed.

In this module we will cover how to bridge the gap between cold traffic and hot leads, moving viewer to customer PLUS how to use hashtags, highlights and build an authentic connection with your audience that encourages engagement.

Feel and see the changes in your business.

In this module we will cover why analytics are important to your success, how to learn from analytics, what they actually mean and how to use trial and error to improve your results.


❌Struggling to understand which platform is the best fit for my business and I didn’t understand how Instagram worked at all!

❌Didn't know how I create an eye catching graphic, video, reel and how to make my content engaging and relevant.

❌Confused how to make my content support my bigger business goals?


​✅Focusing on the bigger picture rather than the day to day results. The process of creating my content is fun and easy. 

​✅​I understand what kind of content resonates with my audience and helps get me the sales I need.

✅My brand is recognizable and consistent its helped me attract over 1300+ new followers.

"My first encounter with Alice convinced me that I had come to the best person to enhance my Technology skills. Alice is fun, flexible, generous with time and has an astronomical knowledge base which she readily shares in a non-threatening manner which enhances the learner's self confidence. I can't speak highly enough of Alice."

Brigitte, Kitchen Appliances


Are you ready to


▶ The Ask Academy Course ($2,000 value)

▶ Monthly Live Focus Sessions

▶ Exclusive Facebook Community

▶ Exclusive Recording Library ($600+ value)

▶ 30 day Post Plan + Caption prompts ($97 value)

▶ Highlight Cover and Template Bundle ($25 value)




6x Monthly Payments

  • Lifetime access to over 20 Video Lessons

  • 4 Workbooks

  • 6x Monthly Live Group Sessions

  • 6 months Access to the Private Facebook Community.

  • Bonus Recordings, Templates and Downloads.



Pay up front

  • Lifetime access to over 20 Video Lessons

  • 4 Workbooks

  • 6x Monthly Live Group Sessions

  • 6 months Access to the Private Facebook Community.

  • Bonus Recordings, Templates and Downloads.

PLUS Enjoy a FREE 30 min Welcome call with Alice.






Let me introduce myself.


Marketing Coach and Community Connector.

Passionate about supporting community, lover of all things ‘Votes for Women’, spontaneous dancer and of course Marketing Coach and Social Media Manager.


Nominee for Young New Zealander of the Year 2017

Kiwibank Local Hero and 4 time Youth Award Winner

I have served over 250+ women run businesses and enabled them to share their stories online and build communities that generate consistent sales.

If you are looking for a coach that truly cares about your business and your goals, is honest and direct, makes things simple and fun, I might just be the one for you.


LIVE Focus Sessions + Recording Library

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Serve and Sell.png

Craving even more content... to dive a little deeper into a particular feature or topic?


In addition to modules, you have the exclusive pass to attend monthly six live FOCUS SESSIONS, where we will dive deeper on a popular or topical subject like 3 reasons why you are getting nowhere with Facebook and Instagram + how to fix it.

Can't make it on the day? No stress, catch the recording in your exclusive recording library so you can watch it over and over again.


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Highlights & Pinned Posts Templates

Is your audience searching for answers? You could be loosing sales because your audience can't find answers to the simple questions they have. 


Often underestimated is the powerful real estate that highlights and pinned posts hold. These bonus templates will give you a starting point that will allow you to streamline the buying process giving

increased likelihood for sales.


30 Day Post Plan & Caption Prompts

Copy of 35 Etsy Listing Mockup Photos.gif

The 30 Day Content Posting Challenge is a strategic plan designed to help you turn your social media presence from posting pulse into a profitable community.

Over the course of the month, you'll move your audience from awareness to conversion by sharing high-quality content that engages your audience and builds your brand visibility.

Use the content ideas and caption prompts below to get yourself started. It is the perfect way to take your social media game to the next level and achieve your goals.

 Take a look inside... 

 Our Clients get AMAZING results 

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Screenshot 2024-05-17 162414.png
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❌I knew that social media was going to play an integral part in promoting the business and eventually getting sales made.

❌I had a pretty good knowledge of computers, websites and like most people dabbled in FB and Insta.  

❌I felt myself becoming overwhelmed, uncertain I could do it and totally unequipped. 


​✅The Ask Academy debunked all the fear filled thoughts that raced in my head. I connected with a bloody great group of women, that really has made the difference for my business and myself.

✅​ I have the confidence I need to rock my own social media and have gained over 1500+ new followers.

​✅​ We have reached over 420,000 people since and now make sales to people we don't even know!

"Alice is the bomb!!! She has the amazing ability to get into the heart of your business and understands just how to move it forward. Alice is seriously next level in passionate business mentoring. Humble, insightful, totally approachable and she is local. Thanks Alice you rock."

Lisa, Clothing brand


Are you ready to engage your audience and make sales?



6x Monthly Payments




It is time to leave the overwhelm behind.

Be assured in yourself and your skills. Serve and Sell to your community.

✅Follow our unique structure that guides you through marketing your business on Facebook and Instagram step by step.

✅Understand the results you are getting and know how to create the results you desire.

✅ Feel confident and assured in the content creation process. Navigate Facebook and Instagram with ease.

✅Gain momentum, a loyal audience and a community you can sell to again and again and again.


 More AMAZING results 


Let's answer those questions

  • What social media platforms does this course cover?
    The course specifically focuses on Facebook and Instagram but most of the information is relevant for all platforms.
  • What if I have already been posting on Facebook and Instagram?
    This course provides new learnings for businesses new to social media and with experience. The Ask Academy takes you through our proven framework to get you unstuck, confident and converting. Those that commit to the ups and downs of their marketing journey will find this course a success.
  • What is your refund policy?
    Due to the digital nature of this course. No refunds will be provided. The results you get from this course will be a reflection of the time and effort you put in to actioning your new learnings.
  • How long does it take to complete?
    Once joined you get instant access to The Ask Academy modules. You have the freedom to take them at your own pace and revisit sections when necessary we also have great workbooks to help you work through each video. We do recommend that you keep pace to stay in the flow of the videos which have been laid out specifically to aid your journey to success. We suggest breaking the modules down into 4 sittings allow yourself to process and action your new learnings in between.
  • How much access do I get to Alice 1 on 1?
    The Ask Academy is a self study course however I would love to connect and answer your questions in our Facebook group. We also have our monthly live focus sessions that will allow you to join Alice and other members live with the potential for Q&A at the end. We also offer a 30 min FREE welcome call for all of our members that pay in full. If you are interested in spending more 121 with Alice check out our Level Up Coaching programme here
  • Why are we offering an Early Bird Discount?
    We are offering early adopters of the 2024 Ask Academy an exclusive discount as we build our Facebook community and Bonus recording Library. As an early adopter you are getting the best value for money as you get lifetime access to the growing course library plus more intimate monthly sessions LIVE with Alice.

 Hear from our previous members 

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I think you are ready for a confidence transformation?

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