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Wix Website Glossary

For Beginners and Business Owners.

Technology can be like speaking a whole different language. So we want to help you become fluent in tech talk. This resource will help you understand the terms used on and when creating a website so you can easily reference them when needed.

404 Not Found - This is computer talk for the page you were looking for could not be found.

Alt text - Alternative Text has become recently more popular with Instagram now including it as an option on your posts. It is a short written description of what is in the image which is used if the image cannot be displayed or for the accessibility needs of your user. It also helps with your SEO (Search engine optimization)

App - Short for the application it is a piece of software that is preinstalled on your device or you install it yourself. This is everything from Facebook to TikTok to Google Maps etc.

Active Programmes - In Wix, the title of 'active programme' will appear when you create your own online course or 'programme' using Wix and your customer join in. It is a view of all the programmes they have joined and are currently available.

Analytics - These are specific reports that Wix puts together to show the numbers behind your site. They track many different things like Post Views and interactions, Traffic and Sales.

ADI - Short for Wix Artificial Design Intelligence. It is a simple website builder that designs a site for you depending on a few selections you make at the start.

Back Links - Also known as incoming links it is when one website links to another. They are a part of your site SEO

Bot - A bot is a type of system that is programmed to complete tasks automatically.

Blog - A Blog is a section of your site that is made up of different articles posted regularly. They are normally used to drive traffic to your site or provide insights into your sector.

Content - When it comes to SEO content is any piece of information on your site that is considered important. It might be a blog post or event description. When it comes to Social Media it is anything your post.

Conversion - Conversion is converting traffic that lands on your site into people that actually buy and use your product. You can calculate your conversion rate of your site with the number of people that viewed your products divided by the number of sales.

Challenges - Wix Online programmes were formally known as Wix Challenges. This was a recent change so this term may be helpful.

Collaborator - Adding someone to contribute to your site. There are many different roles you can assign to a contributor so they can help you with your site without handling your Wix password.

Domain - This is a unique URL that you purchase to host your site on.

Dashboard - The dashboard on Wix is the main place where you can access all of its features in relation to the selected site.

External Link - When creating a site sometimes you might want to link to places that arent on your site. This could be a button linked to your Facebook on Instagram. To Link the button to an external site you use a URL.

Home - The Main page of your site that the majority of people will land on too. It is important to remember most people don't go beyond this page on your site.

Internal Link - This is when you create a button or link to somewhere on your site. For example, having a button on your home page that says "Shop Now" and linking it internally to the Shop page.

Keyword - Keywords are a useful tool in optimising your SEO. It means you do research on words commonly used by online searchers in your niche and use them on your site and in your SEO descriptions for people and traffic can find you easily.

Member - Someone who has entered their email into your site. This is commonly used when having a shop on your site or an Online Course Subscription.

Organic Traffic - People and Viewers that land on your site from any source that you did not pay for.

Optimisation - Making improvements in order for your site to be more successful.

Report - With Wix this term is usually used in the form of Analytic Reports. They cover Traffic, Blogs and Sales.

Site - Short for Website or another name for your page.

SEO - Search engine optimization. In simple terms, it means how simply someone can find your website or content online and work towards making that easier.

Url - Like in the real world we have a physical address, a URL is your online address also known as a link.

Wix Spaces - This is an app version of your site which you can invite your site members to use for easier access to things like your blogs, events and online programmes.

Website Speed - The speed your website takes to load. This will depend on the amount of content and features you include on your site. Things like long videos will slow it down but there are ways to get around this using embedded links.

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